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Encounter the flowers of Ninomiya

Shonan Area 3h15m 3

In January there are rape blossoms in Azumayama Park, and in June, irises, water lilies, and lotus flowers in Seseragi Park. At Kaju Park, various fruit trees including pear, grape, and persimmon have cute blossoms in the spring, and from early summer onwards you can watch the fruit gradually grow.


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Seseragi Park

Shonan Area 1h

This park is surrounded by rich greenery and offers you a look at Japanese water irises and French hydrangeas on your walk through the trees. No pesticides a...

Ninomiya Orchard Park

Shonan Area 30m

Behold pear, grape, and persimmon trees leftover from the time of the Kanagawa Horticultural Experiment Station that bloom with beautiful flowers in the spri...

Azumayama Park

Shonan Area 45m

You can always find flowers throughout the year as well as paths covered with flourishing trees in Azumayama park. Also, at the peak, there is an observatory...

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