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Calling all Tuna lovers! A trip to fill your belly at Misaki fishing port

Yokosuka, Miura 2h30m

Though sushi is popular world-wide, you just have to taste the authentic flavour in Japan! Even in Japan, it's said that the best sushi is that eaten fresh from the sea. Once you've had your fill of sushi you can experience crafts at the wind workshop and relax at Soleil Hill.

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Kaze Kobo

Kaze Kobo is a unique resort ceramics club. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you can enjoy creating different kinds of art such as pottery, glass, and plant dyeing. ※English not available

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Misaki Tuna

Misaki Tuna is one of the 100 Best Specialties in Kanagawa. An introductory sentence in the award above say, "For Tuna, go to Misaki. Misaki is the home port for tuna. It is well known for Tuna in Japan." Various tunas from all over the world, such as bigeye tuna, are landed at Misaki Suisanbutsu Chiho Oroshiuri Ichiba (local wholesale market for marine products), also known as Misaki Uo Ichiba...

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Nagai Seaside Park - Soleil Hill

This is an interactive park where you can experience and enjoy Miura Peninsula’s agriculture and the sea. In the park surrounded by the sea, there are flowers blooming every season, a farm where you can harvest vegetables in season, outdoor facilities such as a breathtaking go-kart course and hill sliding and a restaurant with the theme of “farm” and “sea”. Other activities include bread making...

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