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Bicycle riding along the Sagamigawa River, from Atsugi to Tsukui Lake

Central Area 5h

Feel the breeze cycling alongside the Sagami River, from Atsugi to Tsukui Lake. Even those who do not usually ride for long distance can enjoy this pleasant trip.

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Ayumi Bridge

It is a bridge over Sagami River which connects Ebina City and Atsugi City. Initially, it was designed to be underwater during a flood so that it could easily be rebuilt even when it was washed away. In 1996, however, it was constructed as a permanent bridge.

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Showa Bridge

Built in 1931, it crosses over the Sagami River. There used to be a ferryboat called Taima-no-Watashi that operated near the bridge. However, since ferryboats were damaged by floods the Showa Bridge was constructed instead.

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Takada Bridge

It was built in 1924 and crosses over the Sagami River. It is said that it was named after the first letters of two villages (Takamine Village on the right side of the river; and Tamura Village on the left side).

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Ogura Bridge and enjoying Streams of Sagami River

Ogura Bridge is built over the Sagami River. The beautiful arch of the bridge is a symbol of Shiroyama, and is designated as one of '50 best sceneries in Kanagawa', '100 best bridges in Kanagawa', '8 best sceneries of Sagami River', as well as 'a Public Works Heritage site of Civil Engineers'. Toro Nagashi (floating lantherns on the water) and light ups are held in summer, and that nostalgic ...

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Tsukuiko Shiroyama Park

At the center of the park, there is a park center that serves as both a management office as well as an exhibition facility Remnants of the castle during the Warring States Period can be found throughout the park. At the 水の苑地, you can find a fountain and at the 花の苑地, you can find a garden terrace with herbs and perennial plants. Photos provided by: Sagamihara Tourism Association

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Mii Ohashi Bridge

It is a bridge that crosses over the center of Tsukui Lake, which is 212 meters long. The bridge is colored in eye-catching vermilion and is a symbol of the lake. It is designated as one of "The 100 Beautiful Bridges in Kanagawa Prefecture".

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