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An Indulging Experience in Fujino, the Town of Art

Central Area 3h30m

The two days context are in the first day, you can experience cooking udon and soba, and making your own chopsticks. In the second day you can experience many things including woodworking, ceramic art, glasswork and make your own piece and Onsen bathing.

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Wada-no-Sato Experience Center

At the foot of Mount Jinba lies the Wada-no-Sato Experience Center, run by the local volunteer group “Wada-no-Sato Michikusa-no-Kai,” who are well known for their down-to-earth hospitality. Using local resources, they hold lucrative seasonal experience events such as the bamboowork and konjac-making experiences targeted towards elementary-school age children.Photos provided by Sagamihara Touris...

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Fujino Workshop for Art

With the theme of "fureai (contact), experience, creation", Kangawa Prefectural Fujino Art House is a facility where you can experience art. You can experience pottery, woodwork, glass art, and other forms of art. Accomodation is available for families and groups as well as studios and halls where you can enjoy music, drama, and dance.

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