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A trip tasting the delicate, creamy omlette made with the freshest eggs in Tanzawa

Central Area 3h45m

It's worth taking the trip out just to taste the wonderfull omelettes made from Tanzawa's fresh local eggs. Here you can pet the usually shy horse and cows and experience real rural life. Afterwards you can test out your skills making handicrafts from natural materials- the perfect souvenir from of your trip!

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Experience Traditional Japanese Crafts at the Crafts Studio Village

The Crafts Studio Village is a facility in which you can experience the traditional crafts of garment weaving, indigo dyeing, paper making, pottery making and wood bamboo crafting in Aikawa Town’s prefectural Aikawa Park. You can try out activites that you would usually not get the opportunity to try, such as garment weaving and using a potter's wheel in order to create your own original items....

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Hattori Ranch

Hattori Daily Farm is located near Lake Miyagase, which is one of the best scenic spots, and at east end of Tanzawa Sankai (mountain mass). Summer of Hibirano highland is cool and suitable for growing grasses and dairy cattle. This is the largest farm in Kanagawa. Cattle are growing in a free and relaxed atmosphere.

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Rankaya (Eat-in, purchase of specialty products)

Rankaya is an egg shop engaged in direct sales of fresh, local eggs. With its wide variety of extraordinarily fresh eggs, the shop is not only popular with the locals, but has also become a tourist destination. Inside the shop you will find a dining area where the rich pudding packed made fresh eggs is the star of the menu. Visitors are also sure to find a little something to bring back as a so...

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