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A stroll through Shonan Chigasaki and Southern Beach

Shonan Area 4h45m

This course will take you through the coast of Chigasaki, a city that has become the motif of several songs and dramas, along with beautiful landscapes and filming locations famous across the country.

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Nango Hidari-Fuji (Left Fuji)

Along the Tokaido route from Nihonbashi to Kyoto, Mount Fuji is usually seen on the right when heading to Kyoto. However, you can see Mount Fuji on the left at this rare spot, upon the Toriidobashi Bridge located along National Route 1. The scenery of the past is captured in Hiroshige Utagawa’s (Hiroshige Ando) ukiyo-e painting “The Nango Pine Grove with Mount Fuji to the Left” (Nango no matsub...

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Chigasaki Southern C

Chigasaki Southern C is the symbol of Southern Beach Chigasaki and has even fronted the Southern All Stars CD cover. This place is famous as a matchmaking (En-musubi) spot as when one stands at the right of the C, filling the gap in “C”, a circle (“En” in Japanese) will be formed, essentially tying fates (also “En” in Japanese) together. It is also famous for being a photo spot in Chigasaki whe...

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Headland Boardwalk

The Headland, a T-shaped pier and the Boardwalk, an estimated 1km long promenade, are places where the locals relax, have a walk or a jog. Here, you can enjoy the sea breeze while gazing at the magnificent scenery of the Sagami Bay. This is a place where you can also see the Eboshi Rock at its largest, and is a local recommendation to visitors of Chigasaki.

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Himuro Camellia Garden

In this extensive garden estimated to be 2800 square meters wide, about 1300 shrubs of garden plants such as camellias, pines, and roses are planted here. There are over 200 types of camellias here, including the beautiful Himuro Setsugekka, a type of camellia with a pink and white base with red patterns, which blooms from the end of February to the end of March.

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