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1 Day Trip of Springtime Yokohama! A cherry blossom course you can enjoy with the kids

Yokohama, Kawasaki 5h15m

In this course, you can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yokohama. In the daytime, you can enjoy cherry blossoms under the blue sky. At night, stop by the Bankoku Kyo Bridge to enjoy Yokohama's famous night view, featuring the iconic Landmark Tower. You also enjoy Gyunabe, a delicious beef stew, as part of this plan.

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Kodomo Nature Park (Oike Park)

This is one of the largeest parks in Yokohama. It is also called 'Oike Park'. In the center of this park there is a huge pond of about 6,600 square meters. This is an old reservoir which supplyed water for Futamatagawa inn. According to the 'Shinpenn Musashi Fudokikou', a historical geographic book, compiled in late Edo era, the size of this pond is 500 tsubo (about ...

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"Jyanomeya" is a long-established restaurant which opened during the Meiji Period in Yokohama, and serves beef hot pot. They purchase high-quality cuts of beef to go with their beef hot pot and shabushabu. Their seasonal dishes go well with sake, and there are private rooms for gatherings and anniversaries.

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Kishamichi Promenade

A promenade made by overhauling a dead track used by the former Japan National Railways that opened in 1911. It consists of three bridges connecting the Nihonmaru Memorial Park to the Shinko area. Skyscrapers of the Minatomirai area can be viewed from this 500-meter long boardwalk. Rubblework constructed at the time of the opening of the railways, a US-made railroad bridge and other historical ...

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