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Spring is just around the corner in Kanagawa!

Jan 31 2021

We’re looking forward to the arrival of spring already here in Kanagawa, and if you’re after some spots to enjoy the season’s beauty we’ve got you covered! Cherry blossoms are incredibly popular, and there are plenty of scenic places across the prefecture to marvel at them. Have a look, and plan your sakura expedition in advance!

There are a host of other ways to enjoy the outdoors as the weather warms up, and if you’re seeking some suggestions for hiking, cycling, or maybe even camping or glamping, be sure to explore the list of recommended places we’ve compiled. There’s something for all ages and skill levels.

The weather can still be a bit unpredictable at this time of year, so if you do encounter a chilly day where you’d rather be indoors, check out the Yokohama Art Rick (trick art) Museum. The venue is filled with optical illusion styled artworks you can interact with, and they make for some great photos!

Take care and stay healthy, and we’ll be back with more next month!

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