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All aboard our “sea taxi”!

All aboard our “sea taxi”!

Why not take advantage of the breathtaking scenery Sagami Bay in Kanagawa Prefecture has to offer? The coast is scattered with gorgeous views and various tourism resources, so it's no wonder people are attracted to our very own “marine tourism.” 
In collaboration with local businesses, we offer our very own “sea taxi,” an experimental solution to experience all the charm of the sea without worrying about traffic. Sit back and enjoy your cruise, soaking up everything we have to offer.
Note that we have taken measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The boat has a capacity of 12 people (including the captain) and travels between pre-determined ports.
(1) Implementation dates: 25 days in total from 17th October (Monday) to 28th November (Monday).
Note: Routes will vary depending on the day. The implementation dates may change depending on circumstances outside our control (weather conditions, etc.).
(2) Route:
a. Normal routes
・Hayama Marina (Hayama Town) - Zushi Marina (Zushi City) - Shonan Port (Fujisawa City/Enoshima) - Hayama Marina (Hayama Town)
・Seabornia Marina (Miura City) - Hayama Port (Hayama Town) - Zushi Marina (Zushi City)
・Oiso Port (Oiso Town) - Shonan Port (Fujisawa City/Enoshima)
b. Private routes
・Shonan Marina (Hiratsuka City) - Shonan Port (Fujisawa City/Enoshima)
・Minato Mirai Pukari Pier (Nishi Ward,Yokohama City) - Hayama Marina (Hayama Town) - Zushi Marina (Zushi City) - Shonan Port (Fujisawa City/Enoshima)
・Shonan Sunny Side Marina (Yokosuka City) - Miura/Misaki Sea Station (Miura City)
・Shonan Sunny Side Marina (Yokosuka City) - Zushi Marina (Zushi City)
・Shonan Sunny Side Marina (Yokosuka City) - Shonan Port (Fujisawa City/Enoshima)

(3) Capacity: up to 10 people per charter (depending on the route)
(4) Price (depending on the route):
a. Normal routes: 2,000 - 3,000 yen per person
b. Private routes: 12,500 - 132,000 yen per boat (price is the same for each route, regardless of the number of people on board)
(5) Implementation Schedule: Please see the prefectural website for details
How to apply
Please make reservations according to the reservation method for each boat operator. 
When making a reservation, please make sure to mention your required date and route listed on the Kanagawa Prefectural website.

Boat Operators
Hayama Marina Co., Ltd.
Riviera Resort Co., Ltd. (Zushi City)
Shonan Marina Co., Ltd.
KMC Corporation Co., Ltd (Nishi Ward,Yokohama City)
Shonan Sunny Side Marina Co., Ltd.

Please visit the Kanagawa Prefecture website for boat schedules, routes, and prices. Any changes due to weather conditions will be announced there.

< About the “sea taxi” >
Our “sea taxi” provides transportation for a maximum of 12 people, connecting multiple ports and marinas within Kanagawa Prefecture. 


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