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Discover Kanagawa Prefecture’s hidden gems and cultural marvels through a curated collection of articles by talented local writers. From the vibrant streets of Yokohama to the serene temples of Kamakura, let their words transport you to breathtaking tourist spots waiting to be explored.

Family Time in Nakai

by Veronica Carnevale

Located in the western hills of Kanagawa, Nakai is a small town popular for its nature-blessed parks...

Outdoor Adventure in Hadano

by Veronica Carnevale

For a nature-filled journey in the heart of Kanagawa, visit Hadano! This city, situated close to the...

Create Experiences in Aikawa

by Tom Roseveare

Aikawa is a small town located on the north-eastern side of the Tanzawa mountains, just west of Sagamihara...

A Spiritual Trek in Zushi

by Veronica Carnevale

Located along Sagami Bay on the Miura Peninsula, Zushi is a seaside city popular for its beaches, marine...

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