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Japanese Customs & Manners

Accommodation Manners

Japan is home to an array of accommodations—from hotels to traditional-style inns known as ryokan. Please enjoy a pleasant stay by following good accommodation manners and being considerate of other guests and staff.

  1. Arrive on time

    It is important to follow the reserved check-in and check-out times. If you will be late, be sure to let your accommodation know in advance and take appropriate action.

  2. Be careful when removing your shoes

    Although rules vary from facility to facility, when entering a ryokan you are expected to remove your footwear according to Japanese customs. Leave your footwear in the designated area and wear slippers provided when inside the facility.

  3. Try on a Yukata

    A yukata will usually be provided during your stay at a ryokan. Wearing a yukata during your stay is a wonderful way to experience traditional Japanese culture, and it's easy! The left side should be layered on the top with an obi (sash) tied around you. If you have any difficulty, just ask the staff.

  4. Observe the rules in hot springs and bathhouses

    When using a hot spring, it is important to have good etiquette. Make sure you understand the rules beforehand.

    • Generally, men's and women's baths are separated
    • Take off your slippers, remove your clothes, and place your luggage in the designated area. Cell phone use is prohibited in the changing rooms and communal bathing areas.
    • Larger towels may be left in the changing rooms but smaller towels may be taken to the bathing area.
    • Wash your body before entering the bath.
    • When bathing, do not put the towel in the bathtub. If you have long hair, tie it up to keep it out of the bathtub.
    • Before returning to the changing room, wipe off the water with the small towel.
    • Bathing restrictions may apply if you have a tattoo. Please check with the facility before bathing.

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