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Paragliding in Hiratsuka (Blue Air Park)

Paragliding in Hiratsuka (Blue Air Park)

Soar over Sagami Bay and admire the seaside city of Hiratsuka with a thrilling paragliding experience hosted by Blue Air Park! This paragliding school uses motorized paragliders and pairs visitors with an experienced instructor for safe and visually mesmerizing adventures. The school offers 10- and 20-minute sessions that are suitable for people of all ages.

During the experience, you will reach heights of 100 to 200 meters! The crisp winds, coupled with the expansive panoramas of the sea, the beach, and Hiratsuka’s cityscape, create an unforgettable experience. Your instructor will even snap a photo of you to immortalize the heart-pounding, yet peaceful journey.

For those who desire to take to the skies, Blue Air Park in Hiratsuka is an excellent way to satisfy your inner adventurer.

Essential Information

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Closed open everyday

Adults (junior high school students and older): ¥9,000 (10 minutes) / ¥15,000 (20 minutes) Children: ¥8,000 (10 minutes) / ¥14,000 (20 minutes)


The meeting point is the Hakone Ekiden Hiratsuka relay station (箱根駅伝平塚中継所より). From Hiratsuka Station’s south exit, take a bus bound for the West Coast (西海岸行) to the Higashimachi 3-chome (東町三丁目) bus stop—about 10 minutes. From there, walk about five minutes to the meeting point.

Explore the Surroundings

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