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Kamakura Seaside Park Yuigahama Area

Kamakura Seaside Park Yuigahama Area

4-7-1 Yuigahama, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa
Map of Kamakura Seaside Park Yuigahama Area

The Kamakura Seaside Park faces the coastlines of Yuigahama Beach and Inamuragasaki. The area is divided into three districts: The Yuigahama area with an open grassy square and playground equipment, the Inamuragasaki area which is a historical site with an observation deck, and the Sakanoshita area which is right by the sea. Loved by many people, the area offers views of Izu Oshima Island and the Izu Peninsula on sunny days. The Inamuragasaki area makes use of the natural geography and has an open grassy lawn where visitors can enjoy beautiful views. In the winter, Mt Fuji is sometimes visible in the background behind views of Enoshima. It is also a designated historical site well known for the legendary story of Nitta Yoshisada’s campaign.

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A 5-minute walk from Wadazuka Station on the Enoshima Electric Railway.

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