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Cafe Yoridokoro

Cafe Yoridokoro

1-12-16 Inamuragasaki, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture 248-0024
Map of Cafe Yoridokoro

Located about a four-minute walk from the scenic Inamuragasaki Park, Cafe Yoridokoro is a cozy eatery that aims to share the extraordinary moments of daily life in Kamakura. The wooden building features a welcoming interior filled with natural tones, soft lighting, and plant life—making it a perfect representation of the area’s quaint vibes.

The restaurant is also popular for its unique position along the Enoden Line and offers tableside views—inside and outside—of the retro electric train.

In terms of food, Cafe Yoridokoro serves breakfast, lunch, and cafe cuisine from 7am–6pm (LO 5:30pm). The meals are simply prepared with delicious ingredients. The restaurant’s speciality is dried fish paired with rice, miso soup, pickles, and a small side dish.

For the cafe menu, you can savor freshly brewed coffee, lattes, or espresso paired with ice cream, homemade cheesecake, and more!

Thanks to the restaurant’s unique setting and deliciously crafted cuisine, Cafe Yoridokoro is a perfect addition to your Kamakura itinerary.

Essential Information

Check the official website for the latest information.




Closed Tuesday

Breakfast: ¥980-¥1,180
Lunch: ¥1,430-¥2,100
Cafe desserts & drinks: ¥680-


Two-minute walk from Inamuragasaki Station on the Enoden Line.

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