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Yudate-Shishimai Lion Dance, Miyagino and Miyanoshita Walking Tour

Western Area 7h45m 4

A shrine with a yudate (Shinto ritual in which the priest sprinkles water) tradition passed down from 1714 (An’ei 5). Although there are many yudate rituals throughout Japan, ones carried out by lions are rare. You can pray for health, safety, and rich harvest. The lion stirs the hot water with the fruit of kuma bamboo grass. Then, worshippers are sprinkled with hot water to be cleansed of evil spirits. You can also enjoy a walk in Miyanoshita.


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Hakone Tozan Railway

Western Area 45m

Connecting Odawara to Gora, the Hakone Tozan Railway has a history of over 130 years, including its start as a horse-drawn streetcar.

Yudate Lion Dance Miyagino

Western Area 45m

The tradition of Yudate-kagura has been passed on since 1776. Spiritual rituals with the use of boiling water are performed throughout the country, but it is...

Miyanoshita Sanpo

Western Area 45m

"Miyanoshita Sanpo" is an event in which you walk around Hakone Miyanoshita district with a map and enjoy the retro atmosphere.


Western Area 30m

A new interaction place based on Naraya ryokan which continued its business for more than 300 years in Miyanosita. Footbath can be experienced using hot spri...

Hakone Open-Air Museum

Western Area 2h

Biggest feature is the outdoor art museum. With the beautiful scenery and mountains of Hakone in the background, you can enjoy art. There are approximately 1...

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