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Two days exploring the history of Kamakura and the scenic beauty of Miura

Yokosuka, Miura 11h15m

The ancient capital Kamakura embodies the essence of Japan. You'll be visiting tourist favorites like the Great Buddha of Kamakura and then move on to Enoshima, an island that enjoys great popularity with young people. On the second day of this two-day trip, you'll be smacking your lips at Miura's famous tuna, and relaxing on the Yokosuka naval port cruise.

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Tsurugaoka Hachimangu

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu was founded in 1063 by Minamoto Yoriyoshi. In 1180, Minamoto Yoritomo, commander-in-chief of the Genji clan and a descendant of Yoriyoshi, moved the shrine to its current site and constracted a magnificent new shrine. Present building of the main shrine was rebuilt in 1828 and well known as a typical Edo period’s architecture, and designated as nationally importan...

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Enoshima is an island about 4 km around, you can enjoy the popular sightseeing spots throughout a year, like Enoshima Shrine, Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden, Enoshima Sea Candle, Dragon Bell and Enoshima Iwaya Cave which is still a spiritual spot from the Edo period. Enoshima Yacht Harbor is a sailing competition venue for the Tokyo Olympic Paralympic Games in 2020. In particular, abundant seaf...

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Jogashima was published on the Michelin Green Guide Japon third edition as a two-star scenic spot. Many scenic spots are in the island. Visits can enjoy a splendid view of the Pacific Ocean and a fantastically shaped rock "Uma no Se Domon (a sea cave)" in southern hiking trail, and a grand view of Mt Fuji across the Sagami Bay that can be seen in Western part. About 700,000 of double ...

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Misaki Tuna

Misaki Tuna is one of the 100 Best Specialties in Kanagawa. An introductory sentence in the award above say, "For Tuna, go to Misaki. Misaki is the home port for tuna. It is well known for Tuna in Japan." Various tunas from all over the world, such as bigeye tuna, are landed at Misaki Suisanbutsu Chiho Oroshiuri Ichiba (local wholesale market for marine products), also known as Misaki Uo Ichiba...

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Yokosuka Naval Port Cruise

Yokosuka Port has developed as a naval port ever since the American vessels commanded by Commodore Matthew C.Perry landed in Japan 160 years ago. Yokosuka is known for having the U.S. Naval Base United States Fleet Activities Yokosuka, and the headquarters of the Marine Self-Defense Force. In this cruise, you can enjoy a tour of these facilities as well as an up-close viewing of the battles shi...

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