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The Uwamachi Lantern Festival and Yokosuka’s seafood

Yokosuka, Miura 4h45m

Enjoy great seafood at the Yokosuka Port Market and then take a stroll around Yokosuka Central Park, which was used for Japanese Imperial Army’s military exercise. Afterwards head to the Uwamachi Lantern Festival, a bewitching event featuring more than 300 lanterns lined up on Uwamachi Street. Stroll around Uwamachi bathed in the glow of lanterns floating in the evening sky.

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Yokosuka Port Market

The central Yokosuka area’s first ever regional product market themed around “consuming local products” and “consuming seasonal products in season.” The market is full of fresh products that are the pride of their regions, and it features seasonal seafood and vegetables. The menu that is offered in the store uses an abundance of seasonal ingredients.

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Yokosuka Central Park

A park made from the remains of a training fortress used by the former Japanese army. Its symbol is the “Peace Monument,” made to commemorate 1989’s “Declaration of Abolition of Nuclear Weapons and Status as a City of Peace.” Its charm points are the view that overlooks Tokyo Bay and Boso Peninsula and the “Yokosuka City Museum,” where you can learn the history of the Miura Peninusla.

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Uwamachi Roman Lanterns Festival

From Yokosuka Central, climb past Hirasaka to reach Uwamachi Ginza. This market street is a place where you can enjoy the craftsmanship of a street lined with street signs and specialty shopping, and every July a lantern festival is held here. This event features over 300 fantastical lanterns lining the street.

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