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Takeshi Kitano's Film Locations: A Scene at the Sea

Western Area Multi day 111

Yokosuka City and Yugawara Beach were largely featured in Kitano Takeshi’s work, "A Scene At The Sea". You will also be visiting the location used in the movie, “Yukari”, and participating in the world-famous Yokosuka slipper making, which was featured in Japan Expo 2014. Afterward, you will get on the car ferry at Kurihama fishing port and head to Narita Airport from Kanaya Port.



Neno Shrine

Yugawara 30m

According to the myth, the God worshipped in Neno Shrine had 181 children. Because of that people worshiped this god as the oldest god in Kanto area for having...

Yugawara Seaside Resort

Yugawara 1h30m

The location of 'A Scene at the Sea', directed by Takeshi Kitano, took place in Yugawara Seaside Resort, although the main location of shooting was in Yokosuka....

Kumano Shrine, Manyo Park

Yugawara 30m

Kumano Shrine enshrines a god of hot water, and hot water runs down the purification trough. There are 'Yukake-matsuri' on the fourth Saturday of May, and regularly...

Yugawara Parkway

Yugawara 15m

This is a 5.7 km toll road which connects Yugawara Pass, leading from Oku-yugawara Onsen to Hakone.

Anest Iwata Sky Lounge

Yugawara 1h

Anest Iwata Turnpike (toll road) is a scenic spot at the edge of Hakone with 360-degree scenic views. From here you can see Mount Fuji and Lake Ashi on the mountain...

Anest Iwata Turnpike Hakone

Odawara 45m

Anest Iwata Turnpike Hakone is a sightseeing toll road. Around the end of the Hakone Odawara Line, you can see Mount Fuji and Lake Ashinoko.

Odawara Blueway Bridge

Odawara 30m

Extradosed bridge that was built to secure the shipping routes of the ships passing under the bridge.


Yokosuka 45m

You can experience making Yokosuka slippers. English available. Reservation required: (046-841-3960 or email:

Cape Kannonzaki

Yokosuka 15m

The whole of Cape Kannonzaki is maintained as a park and there, you can find an art museum with scenic landscapes and the Kannonzaki Lighthouse where you can enjoy...

Kurihama Port

Yokosuka 30m

Port located in the eastern part of Yokosuka City. Known as the place where Commodore Perry and his forces landed.

Tokyo Bay Ferry

Yokosuka 45m

A ferry connecting Kurihama Beach in Yokosuka (Kanagawa Prefecture) and Kanaya in Futtsu (Chiba Prefecture) in an estimated 40 minutes. Please enjoy the various...

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