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Stay at a traditional home in Kamakura with an irori fireplace.

Yokosuka, Miura 7h30m

From Kita-Kamakura Station, have lunch at a café in an old Japanese-style home, and go for a walk in Kamakura Central Park. Kamakura’s small guest houses, with their sunken hearths, are traditional houses built by carpenters who specialize in the traditional construction techniques of shrines, temples etc. “Kita-Kamakura Takara-no-Niwa” is also an old-style house, where lessons on a wide array of topics are often held. Every time you visit you can experience something new. A course touring the old homes of Kamakura.

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Mami-Ana Cafe (Kita Kamakura Old Folk House Cafe)

Opened in 2014, Mami-Ana Cafe is a Kominka-style (old folk house) cafe that has renovated one of many old folk houses in Kamakura into a cafe. Mami ana means a lair of raccoon, and this cafe is meant to be a hideout for adult humans in Kita Kamakura. Their recommended lunch is "Bourguignon beef stew", which would be served only for 30 customers per day. Other dishes include pasta, pita bread sa...

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Kamakura Guesthouse

This pleasant wooden house, with a large sunken fireplace and 10 massive pillars protecting it, was built by a temple carpenter for his family without using nails. Everything about this lodge exudes charm: the smell of the straw tatami mats, sunny veranda, orange lighting, wall clock, artisanal handmade indigo Japanese cushion, and hidden subterranean restaurant.

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