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Sagamihara Cherry Blossom Festival

Central Area 3h

Sagamihara City Cherry Blossom Festival was started with a theme of enrichment of the city culture in 1974, Showa 49.It was a memorial year of Sagamihara's 20th anniversary.Many events occure such as City people's parade, picture conpetition and home-made product contest on and aroundCity hall Sakura street.

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Sagamigawa Nature Village Park

Recreational zone symbolizing waterfront and green area.It is located in the Sagamigawa Nature Village in Kami-Oshima,upperstream of Sagami River.You can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring and camping in summer.Hidamari ponds are shallow enough for the small children to play in and around the ponds safely.A broad turf is stretched throghout the reconstructed historical Seiryuji temple area.You can...

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