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Relish in the superb scenery of Mount Fuji on this hike up Mount Kintoki that anyone can do!

Western Area 8h

This is a lighthearted hiking course that even beginners can handle. Highlights include the scenery of Yuhino Falls and the somewhat lengthy Ashigara Pass that differs in the early and late months. The next day you’ll visit the fishing harbor of Odawara to enjoy some seafood.

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Yuhino Falls

It’s known that these falls were the birthplace of Kintaro (a folk hero). It has a height of 23 meters and a width of 5 meters. It is said that the name, “yuhi” or “evening sun”, comes from the beauty of how the sunset would catch the falls. It prospers from the beautiful in the new leaves of spring and autumn colors as well as from the cool water during summer camping getaways.

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Ashigara Pass

The pass is located on the border between Kanagawa and Shizuoka Prefectures. It prospered as an important road that connected eastern and western Japan from ancient times. The pass is a popular tourist attraction due to the remnants of this historical road and its shrine.

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Odawara Castle

This is a symbol of the Odawara family that was rebuilt in 1960. After the main castle underwent major reconstructions, dubbed the Great Heisei Restoration, there are now graphics introducing the castle, a theater exhibition and interactive exhibits that allow visitors to try on armor in the castle grounds. Rental costumes of samurai, princesses, ninjas, as well as an amusement park are also av...

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Since Old Odawara Castle is located on the south facing slope you can easily see the Manazuru-hanto Peninsula and Sagami Bay on sunny days there is also a great view of Oshima and Hakone volcano from the main shop. Sukiya (one of the Japanese architectural styles) is applied to the two-story building. Inside the building, impressive architectural works such as a unique ceiling, panel paintings,...

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