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Onsen Facility Backyard Visit and Onsen Tofu-making Experience

Western Area 3h45m

Tour the backyard of hot spring facilities, which are usually off-limits to visitors. You will also find out how the hot spring water is used in a uniquely Japanese cuisine.

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Odawara Castle Ruins Park

The historical landmarks, primarily the Honmaru square with castle tower are opened to visitors. This is the tourist attraction place, symbolizing Odawara city. It is well-known not only as a famous sakura spot, but also as an area where many events are held.

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Odawara Manyo-no-Yu

Odawara became a castle town of the Hojo clan from the Muromachi period and has welcomed many people as one of the leading lodging towns in Tokaido. Odawara Manyo-no-Yu is located in front of the station that is surrounded by beautiful mountains and ocean. We provide hospitality in the relaxing spaces of the six-story building.

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