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One day trip from Tokyo to enjoy the views of Yokohama harbor town and its culture

Yokohama, Kawasaki 10h30m

A course where you can experience making cup noodles and tea. This area, Minatomirai, also offers magnificent views.

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Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

The world’s first “food amusement park”. Ramen is the generic term for a popular Japanese noodle dish. This facility has 9 ramen eateries, allowing you to enjoy famous local ramen from all over Japan without having to board a plane. The ramen is also available in small portions so you can enjoy the variety.

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Kaikoh-an Japanese Tea Ceremony Room

This tearoom, situated on the 65th floor of the Royal Park Hotel, offers a view of Mt. Fuji. The tearoom’s large windows create a sense of airiness, and you can enjoy a seasonal range of lovely tea sweets and tea as you look out over the splendid view of Mt. Fuji and Minato Mirai. You can also experience the authentic method of making tea.

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Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum

Feel the wonders of leading scientific technology. There are rockets, ships, airplanes, environmental, and energy related technologies on display. You can hop on board a real-size cockpit of the first domestic production regional jet plan “MRJ” and enjoy the “MRJ flight challenge” flight simulator. In the “discoveries of day to day life” zone, you can discover the amazing technologies that surr...

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Minato Mirai 21

The main sight-seeing area of Yokohama, facing the port of Yokohama with skyscrapers, large commercial buildings and retro architecture lining the streets. Here, there is a good mix of spots where you can experience the modern and the traditional.

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Grand Mall Park

This spacious lawn field, forming a part of the art museum, was developed to revitalize the area with greenery. At night, the "Night Sea Illumination Pavement", in front of the museum, creates a modern night view of Minato Mirai with its fantastic lights inspired by sea tinkles floating in the waves.

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Yokohama DASKA

Located in front of the Tencho-mon Gate of Yokohama Chinatown, Yokohama DASKA is an eight-story entertainment facility. The Trick Art Museum occupies the fourth to eighth floors and is widely buzzed on SNS. This is a participatory museum that allows taking pictures and people of all ages, including kids, can enjoy it.

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