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Local bicycle riding tour with views of Mt. Fuji

Western Area 7h30m

Enjoy a local bicycle riding tour viewing Mt. Fuji alongside Sakawagawa river and feeling the atmosphere of Odawara castle town.

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Odawara Castle

This is a symbol of the Odawara family that was rebuilt in 1960. After the main castle underwent major reconstructions, dubbed the Great Heisei Restoration, there are now graphics introducing the castle, a theater exhibition and interactive exhibits that allow visitors to try on armor in the castle grounds. Rental costumes of samurai, princesses, ninjas, as well as an amusement park are also av...

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Odawara Oden Main Shop (Odawara Oden Lunch)

There are 6 kinds of lunch offered. Enjoy choosing from among the over 20 different kinds of oden in the shop. In the evening the oden variety increases to more than 40 varieties! Odawara area food is unique and delicious sure to fill the tummy and heart both with satisfaction. There is a tea room (required reservation) in the back where you can enjoy leisurely with a group.

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