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Let's enjoy glamarous camping at the beach of Miura peninsula!

Yokosuka, Miura 5h45m

Go seaside glamping in Miura Peninsula surrrounded by luxury Snow Peak camping gear. You can make cloth zori, Japanese sandals, try fresh seafood and local vegetables at the Yokosuka Port Market; A course to enjoy the besy of Miura Peninsula.

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Yokosuka Museum of Art

The museum is located in Kannonzaki, an area rich in nature and on the eastern side of Miura Peninsula. Around 5000 contemporary Japanese artwork is kept here. In addition to a variety of exhibitions, the unique architecture that harmonizes with its surroundings as well as the outstanding view is appealing. The Italian restaurant with a famous chef is also popular.

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Snow Peak Glamping keikyu kannonzaki

It opened in June 2017. At this facility, in addition to being able to experience spending the night outdoors in a splendid location overlooking Tokyo Bay, you can also enjoy a BBQ featuring an abundance of local ingredients from the Miura Peninsula. In addition, it features mobile houses designed by world-renowned architect Kengo Kuma, and tableware and furnishings produced by Snow Peak. Glamp...

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Yokosuka Port Market

The central Yokosuka area’s first ever regional product market themed around “consuming local products” and “consuming seasonal products in season.” The market is full of fresh products that are the pride of their regions, and it features seasonal seafood and vegetables. The menu that is offered in the store uses an abundance of seasonal ingredients.

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