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Kaminogawa Hyutte and Mount Yari

Central Area 2h15m 9

Hinokihoramaru is a rare independent mountain that stands tall as the proud head of Nishitanzawa among the Tanzawa Mountains. The mountain is known for its especially thick beech forest, widespread veratrum plants, and clusters of rhododendron flowers that create a distinct deep-mountain-like atmosphere, which is very unlikely given the mountain’s elevation (5,350ft / 1,600m). “Kaminokawa Hütte”, a lodge located at the entrance of the mountain trail, has a “Goemonburo (bath heated directly from the bottom)”, and an indoor bath (heated with firewood).


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Kaminokawa Hut

Central Area 15m

The Kaminokawa Hut is located at the end of the Kaminokawa forest path in the Kitatanzawa Kaminokawa River Basin. Many hikers use the facilities here. Across...


Central Area 30m

Located on the border of Sagamihara-shi and Ashigara-shi, it is designated as Tanzawa-Oyama Quasi-National Park. Photos Provided by photolibery


Central Area 30m

Famous for its beautiful azalea. Best time to come is end of May to beginning of June. Photos Provided by photolibery

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