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Kaminogawa Hyutte and Mount Hiru Hike

Central Area 2h15m 7

Climbing up the highest mountain in Kanagawa prefecture and Tanzawa district. From the top you can see Mt.Fuji. Hinokiboramaru gives you a wonderful surprise when seen in the glow of sunrise or in the cloud sea.


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Kaminokawa Hut

Central Area 15m

The Kaminokawa Hut is located at the end of the Kaminokawa forest path in the Kitatanzawa Kaminokawa River Basin. Many hikers use the facilities here. Across...

Mount Hiru Summit

Central Area 15m

Every citizen of the Kanagawa Prefecture talks about climbing up to the highest peak in the prefecture at least once. Between Inugoetouge and Hinokiboramaru ...

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