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Japanese Cultural Experience: A trip to learn Japanese crafting culture

Yokohama, Kawasaki 22h

From Japanese customs and crafting to the state-of-art instant food culture, you can witness the backbone of Japanese culture.

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Toshiba Science Museum

Toshiba Science Museum, which is adjacent to Lazona Kawasaki Plaza, and a 1 minute walk from JR Kawasaki Station, presents science and technology in an easily digestable format. The museum focuses on science and technlog's relation to society both in the past, present and even the future. Children can learn about science through practical experiences, and adults can explore the more complex...

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Exploring Ikuta Ryokuchi Park

Ikuta Ryokuchi Park is the largest natural environment in the capital. In spring Masugatayama has cherry blossoms, and at the beginning of summer irises are in season. Autumn is a good time to see the maple leaves. Every season has something to enjoy. The Japan Open-air Folk House Museum, the Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, the Kawasaki Municipal Science Museum and many other sites are also located...

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Japan Open Air Folk House Museum

30 minutes from Tokyo and 40 minutes away by car from Haneda Airport, this municipal Japanese folklore park located in the northern part of Kawasaki City is an outdoor museum featuring 25 structures, including Japanese traditional houses, watermills and Kabuki stages. In one of the facilities, the traditional crafts building, you can experience indigo dyeing.

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Odawara Castle Ruins Park

The historical landmarks, primarily the Honmaru square with castle tower are opened to visitors. This is the tourist attraction place, symbolizing Odawara city. It is well-known not only as a famous sakura spot, but also as an area where many events are held.

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Fujisawa Ukiyo-e Museum

Fujisawa Municipal Ukiyo-e Museum holds an exhibition of Tokaido Fujisawa station and Enoshima Ukiyo-e and other local artifacts. In Edo era Tokaido Fujisawa station was set here. Main temple " Jishu-Souhonzan Shoujyoukouji" was built in Fujisawa about 700 years ago that makes Fujisawa forefront for the visitors to Enoshima and Oyama in Edo era. Based on the landscapes and folklores i...

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Hase-dera Temple

Hasedera is a historic temple, famous for the principal statue of kannon.(Hase Kannon) The site offers a museum,garden and a scenic view of kamakura. Nightlife The precincts with the majestic Kannon-do hall and lovely trees and ponds are enveloped in a light that “connects,” like the lanterns given to those who visit. Nightlife in Kanagawa

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Asaba Ya Honten

Established in Meiji 40, 1907 Serve you fresh original menu according to your concept. It is located in fornt of Hasedera. With an relaxing atmosphere of this restaurant, many cultural figures loved their dining. You are able to use this restaurant as ceremony or memorial meetings.

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About 50 of Kamakurabori masterpieces and materials are exhibited. The articles on display are the works and materials from Muromachi to modern time. Visitors can watch a movie showing production processes at all times. 2-hour workshop is popular among visitors, because a dedicated instructor gives kind and understandable lessons. Beginners are welcomed. (Please make a reservation in advance on...

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Komachi Street

This street is one of the most famous shopping street in Kamakura, Japan. It has been featured in some TV programs and magazines. There are about 250 shops. Come and see various shops while you stroll the town.

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Tsurugaoka Hachimangu

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu was founded in 1063 by Minamoto Yoriyoshi. In 1180, Minamoto Yoritomo, commander-in-chief of the Genji clan and a descendant of Yoriyoshi, moved the shrine to its current site and constracted a magnificent new shrine. Present building of the main shrine was rebuilt in 1828 and well known as a typical Edo period’s architecture, and designated as nationally importan...

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HARA Model Railway Museum

In 2012, the Hara Model Railway Museum opened in Yokohama, where Japan’s first railway started. The museum opens to the public a massive collection of models trains, said to be the largest in the world, made and possessed by Nobutaro Hara. The collection also includes many railway collectables other than the model trains. One of the features of Hara’s models is that they recreate ca...

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Nissan Gallery Global Headquarters

Nissan Gallery is on the first floor of Nissan Global Headquarters. They exhibit 30 to 40 Nissan cars sold in and out of Japan , monumental cars and racing cars in the gallery. Nissan boutique is an original store where miniature cars and Nissan original goods are sold. Gallery cafe will let you to have a relaxing break. On weekends workshops and event...

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An interactive food education facility opened in Minato Mirai Area. This facility has various CUPNOODLES displays and do-it-yourself experience to enable visitors to enjoyably experience discovery and inventiveness. You can mix and match various soups and ingredients in a cup you designed to make your very own CUPNOODLES. There is also a CUPNOODLES Park where you can experience how CUPNOODLES p...

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Aka-Renga Soko (Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse)

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse 1st Building The 3rd floor houses a hall with approximately 300 seats used for theater performances and concerts. It can be used as a party space as well. The 2nd floor is a multi-purpose space used for gallery and other events. The 1st floor has 5 shops including “Akarenga (brick) Depot” that sells brick goods, “Yokohama Glass” where you can...

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Hotel New Grand

Established in 1927, this classic hotel is reminiscent of Yokohama in the past when the port was first opened. As a renowned hotel of Yokohama, the international city, this hotel continues to serve VIPs from around the world.

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