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Healing! Learning! Spectacular views! A Varied Tour of Yokosuka

Yokosuka, Miura 3h

Mid-July sees the hosting of a fantastical sight- the lantern festival. Dusk is a particularly beautiful time to see the event, so until then why not swot up at the disaster prevention center, or immerse yourself in an onsen surrounded by the scent of the seabreeze.

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Noborigumo - Sano Natural Hot Springs

Sano Natural Hot Springs well up from 800m underground. The water contains sodium chloride, which is effective for heat-retention and skin moisturization. Since its alkaline water removes sebum and unwanted substances resulting in beautiful skin, this hot spring is known as the “Spring of Beauty” or “Beautiful Women Spring”. One dip in this hot spring will leave you feeling refreshed and your s...

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Uwamachi Roman Lanterns Festival

From Yokosuka Central, climb past Hirasaka to reach Uwamachi Ginza. This market street is a place where you can enjoy the craftsmanship of a street lined with street signs and specialty shopping, and every July a lantern festival is held here. This event features over 300 fantastical lanterns lining the street.

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