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Halloween in Yokohama - Dress-up Walking Tour

Yokohama, Kawasaki 13h 16

In Yokohama Yamate Seiyokan, halloween week is held every year.On the day, you can dress up in costumes and enjoy stamp rally touring 14 facilities including Yamate Seiyokan and costume contests.From children to adults, experience the Yokohama Yamate Seiyokan which is different from usual.(Venue:Yokohama yamate seiyouan nanakan, Yamate rokujyuhachibankan, Yamate shiryokan, Oofutsu Jiro kinenkan, YITC, Yokohama ningyo no ie, Yokohama marin tower, America Yama Koen.)


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The Home of a Diplomat

Yokohama, Kawasaki 15m

One of the Important Cultural Properties of Japan. The American-Victorian style foreign residence sitting in the Yamate Italian Garden housed the diplomat of...

Bluff No. 18

Yokohama, Kawasaki 15m

A registered historical building of Yokohama. It was originally built at 45 Yamate Town as a residence for foreigners after the Great Kanto Earthquake. It be...

Berrick Hall

Yokohama, Kawasaki 30m

Berrick Hall was designed by American architect J.H. Morgan and served as the residence for the English tradesman, B.R. Berrick. It was built in a distinctiv...

Ehrismann Residence

Yokohama, Kawasaki 30m

A registered historical building of Yokohama. It was built from 1925 to 1926 as the residence of Fritz Ehrismann, the Yokohama branch manager of Siber Hegner...

Yamate Museum

Yokohama, Kawasaki 30m

Yamate Museum, which was built in 1909, is the only wooden Western museum in an "integrated Japanese and Western-style house" to remain in Yokohama. The firs...

Bluff No. 111

Yokohama, Kawasaki 15m

A designated cultural property of Yokohama, originally built as a residence for an American, Mr. Raffin. It is a Spanish style house designed by J. H. Morgan...

British House Yokohama

Yokohama, Kawasaki 30m

A designated cultural property of Yokohama originally built in 1937 as the British consular residence. It was designed by the Shanghai branch of the British ...


Yokohama, Kawasaki 15m

This hill alongside Harbor View Park (Minato-no-Mieru Oka Koen) runs through the valley-shaped terrain to connect to the hilltop Yamate-cho in the Yamashita-...

Yokohama Doll Museum

Yokohama, Kawasaki 1h

This museum specializing in dolls can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The museum boasts a collection of over 10,000 dolls from 140 countries, including som...

Yokohama Marine Tower

Yokohama, Kawasaki 1h

[Now Closed] Building that was constructed as part of Yokohama's 100th anniversary commemoration project. Renewed in 2009, there are 3 restaurants and multip...

Hikawa Maru

Yokohama, Kawasaki 30m

Hikawa maru is a cargo-passenger ship built in 1930 at Yokohama and used for a Seattle Sea Route, which was designated as a important cultural property.In th...

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