Hakone Miyanoshita Walking Tour

Western Area 5h45m 27

Take a walk by hidden gems not mentioned in any guidebook, known only to the locals, through old streets and lanes surrounded by nature.


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Western Area 30m

A new interaction place based on Naraya ryokan which continued its business for more than 300 years in Miyanosita. Footbath can be experienced using hot spri...

Miyanoshita Sanpo

Western Area 45m

"Miyanoshita Sanpo" is an event in which you walk around Hakone Miyanoshita district with a map and enjoy the retro atmosphere.


Western Area 1h

【CAUTION! Volcanic gases are hazardous to your health. Do not enter this area if you have asthma, bronchial disease, respiratory disease, heart disease, etc...

Hakone Sightseeing Cruise

Western Area 30m

The Hakone Sightseeing Cruise offers sightseeing boats that sail around Lake Ashinoko, a popular spot in Hakone. There are three boats: Royal II, Victory, an...

Hakone Checkpoint

Western Area 1h

The current Hakone Checkpoint was rebuilt based on the “Report of the Restoration of Sōsyu Hakone Checkpoint in 1865” discovered in 1983, as well as in accor...

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