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Get your fill of the mountains and see: visit Yugawara and Manazuru

Western Area 7h30m 1

This course will let you bathe in the negative ion waters of Yugawara and you’ll be able to enjoy the lovely natural scenery to your heart’s content on a Manazuru pleasure cruise of the Manazuru Peninsula.


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Fudo Falls (Yugawara)

Western Area 30m

This 15-meter-high waterfall has an abundance of water. The waterfall is flanked by two deities, 'Migawari Fudo', a protective deity on the left, and 'Shusse...

Yugawara Art Museum

Western Area 1h

As a hot spring resort described even in the Manyoshu, beginning with Takeuchi Seiho, great painters have put up their ateliers in Yugawara, and it features ...

and garden MUSEUM CAFE

Western Area 1h

Linked with the Yugawara Art Museum, this health-oriented cafe serves tofu and tofu skins produced by the specialty store Yugawara Juunian. On the terrace ov...

Doppo No Yu

Western Area 1h30m

This facility closed on March 31, 2020. Relax your heart and body at nine different foot spas that use natural hot springs! The park interior is desig...

Kibune Shrine

Western Area 30m

Kibune Shrine holds annual festival on July 27th and 28th. The shrine is famous for gallant and spectacular Funamatsuri (decorated ship) and is a nationally ...

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