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Get a different view of the Yokohama Bay area and visit the Shonan-Chigasaki area

Shonan Area 7h30m

On this course, you’ll see commanding views of the scenery in Yokohama on an open top bus and visit a composite entertainment facility that opened in March 2019. The next day, you’ll head out to Chigasaki to stretch your legs.

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Savor the picturesque scenery of the Miura Peninsula on this topless doubledecker bus as you head for the abundant nature of Jogashima, which boasts 2 Stars in the Michelin Green Guide. Both one-way and round-trip courses are offered.

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Entertainment Complex "ASOBUILD"

ASOBUILD is an experience-based entertainment complex directly connected to Yokohama Station. The complex was produced to offer excitement through hands-on experiences. For that purpose, each floor has its own theme such as 'state-of-the-art technology', 'japanese craftsmanship', 'kids', and so forth. Nightlife in Kanagawa

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Kaiko Takeshi Memorial

Known as the Novelist Kaiko, Kaiko Takeshi moved from Suginami, Tokyo to this location just south of the eastern shores of Chigasaki in 1974, and was active at this location until he passed away in 1989. This Kaiko Takeshi Memorial House was built in memory of his accomplishments and character which many are moved by.

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Chigasaki Yukarino Jinbutsu-kan(The Museum of Chigasaki-related Figures)

This museum introduces famous figures and artworks related to Chigasaki. It provides a learning experience of these people's thoughts and way of living, as well as the deep knowledge of local history, climate, and culture. In the exhibition building, the artwork and items of Chigasaki-related figures are on permanent display. They are further dug into and explored in the special exhibitions hel...

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