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Former Matsumoto Gokichi Residence and Ukotei Tea House

Western Area 4h

This plan will be taking you on a tour of historical buildings, tea houses, and Japanese gardens.

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Former Villa of Gokichi Matsumoto, Ukou Tea House

In Odawara, there are a lot of villas built by the powerful people in the political and financial world of the Meiji Period, and the Former Gokichi Matsumoto Villa is also one of them. In March 2017, it was designated as a site of Historical Architecture. Presently, the site belongs to Mr Okada but the tea house and garden is lent out and open to the public.

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Odawara Literature Museum
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Odawara Literature Museum

Many writers had lived in Odawara. Odawara had been popular among writers since Meiji period, because of its mild weather. The museum exhibits writers' lives and works extensively in special exhibitions as well as permanent exhibitions.

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Aritomo Yamagata, former president of the Meiji period (Prime Minister, Chairman of the Privy Council, Army General), built this villa in 1907 (Meiji 40) at the age of 70. Kokian, which was built borrowing the landscape of Sagami Bay and Mount Hakone, is said to be a masterpiece of the modern Japanese garden along with Mejiro Chinzanso and Kyoto Murin-an. It is currently used as the Odawara Tra...

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