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Experience the Fuma ninja and Odawara lantern making

Western Area 9h

Learn about the Fuma ninja who served Hojo during the Sengoku era and experience Odawara lantern making!

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Odawara Castle Museum of Historical Observations (NINJA Museum)

This museum introduces the history of Odawara Castle from its foundation to the present day. It's an experience-based information center that offers a magical time-traveling experience to visitors. NINJA Museum opened on April 20th, 2019, and features various videos, experience-oriented displays, and multilingual signs so that people of all ages, children and foreign visitors alike, can enjoy.

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Since Old Odawara Castle is located on the south facing slope you can easily see the Manazuru-hanto Peninsula and Sagami Bay on sunny days there is also a great view of Oshima and Hakone volcano from the main shop. Sukiya (one of the Japanese architectural styles) is applied to the two-story building. Inside the building, impressive architectural works such as a unique ceiling, panel paintings,...

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KAMABOKO Street in Odawara

The main steamed fish paste store has been set up in the eaves, and you can walk around freely without walls or fences. The street used to be a fish market, and it features rows of more than 30 stores, which are not limited to steamed fish paste stores but also include dried fish stores, dried bonito flake stores, restaurants, shops serving food and drink, and Japanese confectionary stores.

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Odawara inn livelihoodExchange Center

This facility is intended to re-establish the old network wholesaler which was built in 1932. A casual rest house for any visitors. Local people have the opportunities to show their activities. On the 2nd floor, there are rooms for locals to present their information and skills. Locals and visitors meet up in this space. A special lantern "Odawara Chochin (lantern)" is famous in Odawar...

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Doppo No Yu

This facility closed on March 31, 2020. Relax your heart and body at nine different foot spas that use natural hot springs! The park interior is designed based off the Japanese archipelago incorporating geographical Feng Shui, and it provides nine different types of hot springs with various uses. The second floor rest house offers foot sole massages by Yugawara acupuncture masseurs.

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