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Experience the Fuma ninja and Odawara lantern making

Western Area 9h 1

Learn about the Fuma ninja who served Hojo during the Sengoku era and experience Odawara lantern making!


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Western Area 1h

Since Old Odawara Castle is located on the south facing slope you can easily see the Manazuru-hanto Peninsula and Sagami Bay on sunny days there is also a gr...

KAMABOKO Street in Odawara

Western Area 30m

The main steamed fish paste store has been set up in the eaves, and you can walk around freely without walls or fences. The street used to be a fish market, ...

Odawara Fishing Port

Western Area 1h

Fish that are caught daily in the Sagami Bay, such as horse mackerel are sold here. There is a lamp shaped lighthouse, which is now a symbol of the Odawara H...

Doppo No Yu

Western Area 1h30m

This facility closed on March 31, 2020. Relax your heart and body at nine different foot spas that use natural hot springs! The park interior is desig...

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