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Eat and learn Suigoudana and Miyagase of Sagami valley

Central Area 11h45m 11

You'll be enjoying all sorts of delicacies, from Kanagawa's special ostrich dishes and sweetfish to seasonal cuisine, while staying at a traditional Japanese inn in this course that will bring you back in touch with nature.


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Strolling Suigou-Tana area

Central Area 30m

This is the area around Kuzo district faced along the Sagami river in Tana area. In 1935 this area was selected one of the Kanagawa's best sightseeing s...

JN Family

Central Area 1h30m

JN Family is a 24 hour health land that is located at a 7 minute walking distance from JR Sagamihara Station, along National Route 16. It is a spa refresh re...

Miyagase Dam

Central Area 1h

This dam is situated in the northwestern part of the prefecture, near Higashitanzawa and is the largest gravitational concrete dam in the Greater Tokyo Area....

Lakeside Cafe

Central Area 1h

Located in the Miyagase dam Water and Energy Center, recommended menu is a popular "Miyagase Dam discharging Curry",dam shaped curry and rice, which you see ...

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