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Circuit Driving Experience at F-Dream Hiratsuka

Shonan Area 2h45m

It is the only urban area circuit in the prefecture. You can rent a car and there are many customers coming from outside the prefecture. It is close to the Umairi flower garden, Arena and Shonan Bellmare practice ground.

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F Dream Hiratsuka

The only racing curcuit in Kanagawa. There are rental carts and many guests from outside the prefecture come. It is adjacent to the training field of the Shonan Bellmare, arena, and Isix Ohanabatake.

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Isix Banyuu Park (Flower Garden)

On the riverbed facing the Sagami River (Magome River), colorful flowers are planted every season on a wide expanse of land. Visitors can enjoy the flower gardens covering an entire side. There are poppies in the spring season and cosmos in autumn. Other flowers include hydrangeas, moss flox, and lavender. Flower picking events are also held in spring and autumn.

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