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Best suited for a family trip! Entertaining and Educational! A Tour to experience Japan

Western Area 17h 8

This will be a 3 day tips for you to 「watch , learn, and experience Japanese traditional crafting and the skills. You can learn the long-standing traditional way to make Odawara lantern and experience Kamaboko making, Zazen (a typr of meditation) and Syakyo (sutra copying) which even Japanese people don't always have an opportunity to experience. Furthermoer, you can visit factories and witness the high-quality of Japanese products that has built solid trust amoung foreign markets. Through this course, you will experiance what it means to be made in Japan.


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Western Area 1h

ErennaGosso means variety of fancy meals. This is a buffet style restaurant. Odawara's seasonal sea food and vegetables and Hakone's local food are served he...

Daiyūzan Saijo-ji Temple

Western Area 2h

Daiyuzan Saijoji Temple is a 20 minutes’ drive from Odawara, and 30 minutes’ drive from Hakone Yumoto. It belongs Soto sect of Buddhism and has over 4,000 br...

Odawara Fishing Port

Western Area 1h

Fish that are caught daily in the Sagami Bay, such as horse mackerel are sold here. There is a lamp shaped lighthouse, which is now a symbol of the Odawara H...

Nissan Engine Museum

Yokohama, Kawasaki 30m

You can always see major 28 Nissan cars in the Nissan Engine Museum collection. Every year 3 to 5 cars take turns to exhibit. The building of the m...

Iwai Sesame Oil

Yokohama, Kawasaki 1h30m

Founded more than140 years ago, Iwai Sesame Oil has been producing rich-flavored sesame oil using our traditional method. We do not take chemical method or u...

Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya Kappabashi

Around Kanagawa 30m

There are number of unique and fun items made by the technique of making food models. You can have an experience to use food models using wax. ...

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