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A trip around Yokohama's big zoos and cosy ranches

Yokohama, Kawasaki 4h

On this tour you can see Japan's biggest zoo and smallest farm all in one day. Being surrounded by animals is bound to make you feel relaxed.

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Yokohama Zoological Gardens Zoorasia

This unique zoo employs as few fences as possible so that visitors can see the animals living in an environment similar to their natural habitat. The zoo is divided into zones of different climates such as Asian Tropical Forest, Subarctic Forest, Amazon Jungle, Japanese Countryside and African Tropical Rain Forest. There is also a grass park and the “Wanpaku Forest” with play equipments. The zo...

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Shonandai Park

In this green park, you can eat o-bento and enjoy the lucious lawn. The park also has a tenis court, as well as play equipment for children. The flower beds bloom with colorful, seasonal flowers, allowing you to enjoy nature. The park holds markets on the weekend as well as a variety of other events which draw large crowds.

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