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A course enjoying rich nature and Japanese culture

Central Area 4h30m

Traditionally Kabuki was enjoyed by local people in villages all across Japan. On this course you can enjoy Japanese culture and customs through sight and taste, with Mura-kabuki plays, Sagamigawa's famed salt-grilled sweetfish and much more.

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Fujino Kabuki Performance

It is said that the farmers of the former Fujino Town have been performing amateur kabuki since the early Meji Period. After the war, it started to decline in popularity and less performances were held. For the last 25 years, residents of the Fujino area have been performing annually in order to pass on the tradition of the village kabuki. Most of the actors in this traditional kabuki are child...

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Lake Sagami Park

Lake Sagami is an artificial lake which, like Lake Biwa, is renowned for being a mecca for rowing and canoeing races. The deep forests surrounding the lake, as well as activites such as fireworks and Japanese pond smelt fishing mean that the area can be enjoyed in all four seasons. Lake Sagami Park offers a sweeping view of Lake Sagami, and is a great place to enjoy having lunch on the lawn. Y...

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Sweetfish dishes(Katsuragawa-tei of Ogura Bridge)

This shop is located on the northern part of Kanagawa prefecture. This is a village shop near the upper stream of Sagami river. We accept the reservation for different kinds of food - four seasons food, sweetfish prix-fix menu, wild boar, deer, eel, banquet, celebration dinner etc. You can taste the freshly cooked sweetfish. We hope you will enjoy our local dishes.

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