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Kaminokawa Hut

Kaminokawa Hut

The Kaminokawa Hut is located at the end of the Kaminokawa forest path in the Kitatanzawa Kaminokawa River Basin. Many hikers use the facilities here.

Across from the mountain hut there is Hikagezawa (where fossils have previously been found). Japanese clawed salamanders also live in this area. In Guzawa and Hikagezawa , which are areas near Doshi, many ancient deep sea fossils have been discovered. Tanzawa Mountain was at the bottom of a deep sea in ancient times. The camp site in summer is always bustling with campers, enjoying activities such as playing in the river or having a barbecue.

Essential Information

  • Check-in: 3:00 PM
  • Check-out: 10:00 AM
Closed Irregular closure (reservation system)

Adults (middle school age and older)
1 night/2 meals: 7,000 yen
1 night/1 meal: 6,000 yen
1 night/no meals included: 5,000 yen

Children (elementary school age and younger)
1 night/2 meals: 5,000 yen
1 night/1 meal: 4,000 yen
1 night/no meals included 3,000 yen
Children younger than four: free

Camp facilities usage fee
300 yen per person per day (600 yen per two days for those staying two days one night)
150 yen per person per day for children elementary age or younger (300 yen per two days for those staying two days one night)

Tents and Tarps
1 Tent (2 days, 1 night): 1,500 yen
1 Tarp (2 days, 1 night): 1,000 yen

Camper Deluxe
Camper, one vehicle (2 days, 1 night): 2,500 yen
Deluxe Camp Tent : 1,500 yen
Deluxe Camp Tarp: 1,000 yen

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