As the gateway to Japan with its opening up in the late-nineteenth century, Yokohama adopted a diversity of Western culture. The interchange between Eastern and Western cultures and people together with the trends of the times that have continued since the closing days of the Tokugawa Shogunate and the Meiji period in the late-nineteenth century have blended into the present day to create a uniquely exotic atmosphere.
The city is full of highlights, including the Red Brick Warehouse which is the symbol of Yokohama and the Minato Mirai area with its Landmark Tower, Yamashita Park where you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of a port city, the Yamate area which retains a large number of Western buildings as a residential area for foreigners, and the Bashamichi area where retro buildings remain.
It also has plenty of gourmet destinations, including the Yokohama Chinatown where you can enjoy authentic Chinese food. Only in Yokohama can you gaze at the sparkling night sky while you enjoy dining on gourmet dishes that originated in the city because it was an open port or famous French and Italian restaurants that evoke the good old days.
Please enjoy this charming port city where the present and the past are mixed together in one of the world's leading international cities.

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